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Please note that no volunteers are needed at this time. Expect volunteer opportunities to be available in August.

Volunteer with city surf project

City Surf Project has volunteer opportunities for you and your friends! Support from our community is what inspires our youth and opens their eyes to new greater opportunities. Follow the steps below to get started.

Volunteers not only help our staff deliver our regular programming, but will also serve as adult role models for our youth. We want to underscore the importance of the volunteer-student dynamic, and ask that our volunteers be willing to make a commitment (x however many days/weeks) to our program and to our youth in order to create a safe and familiar environment for our students.

Below are three ways you can get involved:


Surf Day Volunteer Application Process

City Surf Project offers Surf Days … Here is the process breakdown to become one of our elite volunteers.

Complete Our Application

Start your volunteer application by identifying your strengths and availability. 

Submit a background check

We background check all of our volunteers. Once you submit your application, click the image above to submit your background check.
Once you receive confirmation from us, you will receive access to volunteer opportunities.

View Volunteer Opportunities

Once you receive confirmation from us, you will receive access to volunteer opportunities.

Surf Day Volunteer Roles

Apply Now

Having supportive, consistent and engaged adult interaction can bring about a lot of positive outcomes and you as volunteers are the ones kids will look back at to see if you saw their last wave! We love what our volunteers can bring to the table and are excited to connect our community to our mission in such a direct way. If you feel like you have the enthusiasm and dedication to bring to our organization or want to learn more about how you can make an impact, please fill out the application and reach out to learn more!