Surf Day Volunteer

Surf Day Volunteer Roles

Assistant Surf-Instructor

You will working with the staff surf instructors to help beginner surfers catching waves and will be responsible for helping assist in managing the group safety from the water. This is a challenging position, and the conditions we normally work in can be very difficult to manage for any level of surfer. Those who would like to participate in this capacity need to keep in mind that this role has the most direct impact on the participant’s experience for better or worse. We do require volunteers to participate in one of our trainings or have come out on program as a water-safety volunteer several times (I realize this wording at the end is vague if you had any ideas to make it more concise). 

Water-Saftey Volunteer

 This is the role the majority of volunteers start out with. Starting as a water safety volunteer will ease you into the flow of our programming and allow you to gradually build up the skills to be comfortable and confident as a surf instructor. The primary focus of this position is to work with the students who are not currently surfing with an instructor. We try to keep student-instructor ratios 1:1 so students who are not surfing will be swimming and boogie boarding near the shoreline. Volunteers will be able to interact with youth and build their trust as they work up to eventually going surfing. 

Surf Day Volunteer Application

Surf Day Volunteer Application Process

City Surf Project offers Surf Days … Here is the process breakdown to become one of our elite volunteers.

Complete Our Application

Start your volunteer application by identifying your strengths and availability. 

Submit a background check

We background check all of our volunteers. Once you submit your application, click the image above to submit your background check.
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Once you receive confirmation from us, you will receive access to volunteer opportunities.